CCHF Conference


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CCHF Conference 2020

March 26-28, 2020 • Cincinnati, OH


What To Expect

CCHF Conference 2020 is a truly unique experience.  It is the only conference designed for people like you - who see medicine as a calling, and are committed to missional, faith-driven healthcare here in the United States.

You will be inspired with a vision of what it means to live out the gospel through healthcare and equipped with super-practical tools to be faithful and effective in extending Christ’s love through excellent, appropriate, holistic healthcare. Each workshop, discussion group and plenary session features best practices presented by experts who share from a Christian faith perspective. 

Conference 2020 is relational. You will meet like-hearted disciples who are willing to share, listen, and pray with you.  Students, practitioners, support staff and executive leaders come together to share their stories, knowledge and insights – and to be family. 

If you see medicine as more than a career choice - as a calling to serve Christ – then these are your people.  Using your career to serve God intentionally is the most fulfilling way to live your life.  CCHF Conference 2020 will help you to achieve that life.


Attendee Quotes

"One of the most wonderful Spirit-filled conferences ever!! Thank you!!"

"I love the diversity-diversity of theology/doctrine/denomination, race, ethnicity, language, geography, clinic model...not many places where that much diversity can mingle and not end up in a food fight... :) Truly beautiful."

"I am going to try to encourage more of our clinic employees to come, particularly staff members so that they can be encouraged and we can as a team process through what the CCHF community has to offer & challenge us with."

"The location is wonderful and the conference was extremely well planned. Opportunities for networking and conversation are highly prized."

"For me, it was a great chance to sit down with the other team members from my clinic to discuss things we don't normally have the time to. It was also great to reconnect with old friends and mentors & be encouraged by them. Lastly, it was great to network and be encouraged by similarly mission minded healthcare team members & hear about the struggles and be able to know that there's others going through similar struggles"

"The CCHF conference made me look at justice again, and my responsibility to be Christ's hands extended to the less fortunate in this world."

"Life has been full of ups and downs, and the presenters were transparent about the downs. This encouraged me because I have been in this work for nearly 20 years, and I am weary." 



Conference Location

Northern Kentucky Convention Center
1 RiverCenter Blvd, Covington, KY