Student Scholarship Information

Medical/Healthcare Graduate Student and Resident Scholarship

For only $65, students who volunteer would get funding to help with

  • Full admission to the conference

  • Accommodations

  • Most meals

  • Most Gas/travel Reimbursement

  • T-shirt

Applicants Subject to Approval - Requires 6-8 Volunteer Hours During Conference

* There is a $265 discounted rate for those who do not want to volunteer. Undergraduate students are also entitled to the $265 rate.


CCHF Conference 2020 is a truly unique experience 

It is the only conference designed for people like you - who see medicine as a calling, and are committed to missional, faith-driven healthcare here in the United States.  You will be inspired with a vision of what it means to live out the gospel through healthcare and equipped with super-practical tools to be faithful and effective in extending Christ’s love through excellent, appropriate, holistic healthcare. 

Conference 2020 is relational. You will meet like-hearted disciples who are willing to share, listen, and pray with you.  Students, practitioners, support staff and executive leaders come together to share their stories, knowledge and insights – and to be family. 

If you see medicine as more than a career choice - as a calling to serve Christ – then these are your people.  Using your career to serve God intentionally is the most fulfilling way to live your life.  CCHF Conference 2020 will help you to achieve that life.


Volunteers work as a team to help us run the conference smoothly by donating 6-8 hours of their time.

Clinics and individuals who believe that God uses CCHF to mobilize students/residents to work in underserved areas in the name of Jesus, have donated money for graduate student/resident volunteers so that finances are not an obstacle to attend.  Therefore, we want to be good stewards of their money and make it stretch so we can give out as many scholarships as possible. We encourage students to carpool and drive to the conference if possible, but will also help with flight costs of the distance is great.  Please consider this when calculating the costs. We also encourage you to arrive early for one of our training times.

We offer hotel accommodations on Thursday and Friday night as part of the scholarship package so that the volunteer team is together.  Those available for set up on Wed will also receive accommodations. 

We want to build camaraderie among the volunteers so after the conference is over, you still have each other.  All student volunteers will be able to attend all the main sessions, and we try to accommodate students so they can attend the workshops in which they are the most interested.

Apply for a scholarship soon as the funds are limited. We thank all the clinics and individuals who have donated so that the next generation of leaders may rise and continue what Christ is doing in healthcare for the poor.  


To apply..


 Questions? Email