Propose a Workshop - CCHF Conference 2020

CCHF Conference 2020
March 26-28 in Cincinnati, OH
Important Note: Before you submit this form you'll be asked to upload a high resolution photo and CV or resume for yourself and any co-presenters. These are required. Please be prepared before beginning your submission.
Presenter Information  

MD, PhD, PA-C, etc.

Session Information

Choose a title that will both define what you plan to present and attract people to attend.

This course description will appear in the Conference Program. Limited to 650 characters.

Solutions you will propose for the problem or the take-aways attendees can expect to receive.

Each room will be equipped with projectors and screens. Poster pads upon request. Presenters MUST bring their own laptops and cords.
Workshop Format and Style
  • All workshops are 1-hour sessions and will be scheduled on either Thursday, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.
  • CCHFx, a series of short talks lasting 7-12 minutes with one clear takeaway point. CCHFx will be on Thursday afternoon.
  • We encourage presenters to be as interactive as possible with their audience.

Format definitions:
CCHFx - Short talks, each with a single point designed to provoke creativity or start a discussion. Each  7-12 minutes. Presented on Thursday afternoon.
Workshop - 1 hour. Possible styles detailed below.

Note: Topics requiring more than 1 hour should be submitted as separate workshops titled "Part 1 and Part 2".

Registration and Reimbursement

Travel related expenses up to $300. Eligible expenses are hotel and travel costs. This offer is extended only to the lead presenter or panel organizer.
Upload files

Legal Agreements

I agree to represent the mission and values of CCHF - Christian Community Health Fellowship over my personal agenda or the agenda of my organization.

If you require that attendees have their own copy of your notes during your presentation, you will need to provide those notes. CCHF staff will be unavailable to reproduce notes prior to the workshop. If you want your notes made available after the presentation, CCHF staff will be happy to distribute your notes after the conference to attendees who request them. Please provide your notes to the CCHF office by either 1) e-mailing the file to, 2) dropping a clearly labeled flash drive off at the Conference Resource Table or 3) mailing a clearly labeled flash drive to the CCHF office at 2595 Central AV, Memphis, TN, 38104. Word (.doc or .docx); .pdf files; PowerPoint (.ppt); and JPEG (.jpg) are acceptable formats.

CCHF hopes that you regard your role at the conference as highly as we do. Cancellations are major interruptions for everyone, and have a tremendously negative impact on attendees and organizers. Should an emergency arise, please contact the CCHF staff immediately. Due to CE controls and programming, significant changes in topic, speaker or title are not permitted once submittals have been made by our office. Please contact the CCHF office with any questions. (901) 271-6400;

Sessions taught by more than one person will most likely be noted in the program and on the website by only the main presenter or designated moderator. CME accreditation will be based on the credentials of the main presenter. Stipends and reimbursements are limited to the main presenter or designated moderator.

The promotion of books, publications and events may disqualify a workshop from being eligible for CE credit. Speakers may not promote other events during their workshops without prior permission. Books may not be sold or promoted in the workshops. However, CCHF will have a Resource Table during the conference. If you have authored a book, and your book is 1) consistent with the mission of CCHF, 2) consistent with the theme of the Conference, and/or 3) related to the topic of your workshop, we would like to make if available to our attendees. Please contact our office with requests to offer books at our Book Table.

I understand that most breakout and plenary sessions are recorded and made available to attendees and for display and download on the CCHF website. By accepting an invitation to speak, I grant the right for CCHF to record sessions and reproduce information for wider distribution. CCHF may in its discretion, duplicate and/or edit each recorded session. Presenter hereby grants CCHF and its assigns the non-exclusive right to make, sell or otherwise distribute copies of the recording in mp3, mp4, or other appropriate electronic format, and in written transcript form, and to use my name and likeness in connection with such copies. The Session may be podcast, viewed and/or downloaded worldwide, via the web. CCHF shall have no obligation to pay royalties or other compensation to Presenter in connection with recording, duplication, display, showing, broadcasting (internet or otherwise), sale, distribution, sub-licensing, or any other use of the recording as set forth in the Policy. CCHF and its assigns shall be permitted to display/show the recording or parts thereof at all times.

CCHF may take pictures, video, make interviews, and record sessions and other portions of the conference. I give CCHF, its agents and assigns, permission to publish, distribute, broadcast, televise, promote, license, sell and copyright for educational or related promotional purposes any photograph, videotape, motion picture, or sound recording produced directly by CCHF or under its sponsorship, which may include the image or likeness of me. I also authorize CCHF to reproduce, amplify, simulate, filter, or otherwise distort my voice and all instrumental musical and other sound effect produced by me. In addition, I authorize the use of any printed material in connection therewith. I release all claims against CCHF and its assigns with respect to copyright ownership and publication. I agree and shall not receive any fee and that all rights, title, and interest to the above materials and use of them belong to CCHF. I understand and agree that these materials may be duplicated or distributed with or without charge, and/or altered in any form or manner without future/further compensation or liability, in perpetuity. I understand that CCHF is obtaining this release and assignment of copyright in order to conform to U. S. copyright laws and international treaties and conventions.