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Bob Paeglow

Dr. Paeglow is the founder and Medical Director of Koinonia Primary Care in Albany, NY. Born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1954, Bob Paeglow moved to the West Hill neighborhood as an infant. In 1974 Dr. Bob married Liliane (Leane) Dupuis, and their first two children were born while he was attending college. Both Leane and Bob worked part-time jobs to support their young family. Dr. Bob pursued a career in Radiology and Leane became an RN. Bob applied to medical school in 1989, but due to his undistinguished academic record, was rejected for any interviews except for Albany Medical College, which granted Bob a “courtesy” interview although his grades were below the normal cut-off for an interview. Bob credits divine intervention with his being accepted to medical school in 1990.
In 2000, Dr. Bob felt called to return to old West Hill neighborhood. Bob and Leane moved into the inner city and founded Koinonia Primary Care located at the Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center which was co-Founded by Dr. Bob and Peter Whitehouse. Koinonia provides primary care and mental health services to the poor of the West Hill neighborhood and around the world. Dr. Bob and Leane Paeglow have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

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