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Christopher Jones

Dr. Jones serves as the medical director of Hope Central Pediatric Primary Care and Behavioral Health in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Jones’ calling to medicine came during a college visit to a village in rural Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) where he saw the enormous benefit of medical expertise in places of great need. Originally from Eastern Washington, Chris received his medical degree from the University of Washington and trained in pediatrics at Loyola University in Chicago. He and his wife Kara specifically re-located to Seattle to serve the urban community. They are the proud parents of three young children and live in Rainier Valley. He has been married for over 20 years and has four children. Dr. Campbell's major influences have included the writings of John Perkins, John Piper, Tim Keller, and Francis Schaeffer. He has also been influenced greatly by countless relationships through the CCHF and CMDA communities. The most significant influence on his life has been Word of God through the Holy Spirit.

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Ben McKinney

Dr. McKinney currently lives in South Dallas and works at an inner city clinic in the south side of Dallas called City Square Health Services Clinic.

Dr. McKinney graduated from Baylor University and the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He completed residency in Memphis, Tennessee at Resurrection Health Family Medicine Residency.

Dr. McKinney and his wife have two young daughters. Ben was radically transformed by the Grace of God prior to entering medical school and began to slowly understand God’s heart for the entire world, for His name to be made much of, and his unique love for the orphan, widow, sojourner and poor, as well as the pharisee.

He quickly learned how medicine can be used to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel and show the love of Christ to these populations.

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Steve Noblett

Steve has been the CEO of Christian Community Health Fellowship in Memphis, TN since 2007. Previously he was involved in church planting and Christian leadership development in the U.S., the U.K., southern and central Africa, India, and Central America. In 1993 he founded City Builders Youth Organization, a youth-based Christian community development organization in urban Memphis.

"There is no greater field of need or opportunity than among the underserved. Christian healthcare to the poor is a major key in helping the church to break out of its bubble and reconnect the world with the message of Christ and His Kingdom." In addition to his work with CCHF, Steve and his wife, Victoria, continue to work with urban youth in an under-resourced area of Memphis. They have two grown daughters and a foster-son, all of whom love Jesus, and are committed to serving Christ by serving others. Steve would love to show you pictures of his granddaughter, Maddie, or share stories from his latest fishing trip

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Bob Paeglow

Dr. Paeglow is the founder and Medical Director of Koinonia Primary Care in Albany, NY. Born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1954, Bob Paeglow moved to the West Hill neighborhood as an infant. In 1974 Dr. Bob married Liliane (Leane) Dupuis, and their first two children were born while he was attending college. Both Leane and Bob worked part-time jobs to support their young family. Dr. Bob pursued a career in Radiology and Leane became an RN. Bob applied to medical school in 1989, but due to his undistinguished academic record, was rejected for any interviews except for Albany Medical College, which granted Bob a “courtesy” interview although his grades were below the normal cut-off for an interview. Bob credits divine intervention with his being accepted to medical school in 1990.
In 2000, Dr. Bob felt called to return to old West Hill neighborhood. Bob and Leane moved into the inner city and founded Koinonia Primary Care located at the Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center which was co-Founded by Dr. Bob and Peter Whitehouse. Koinonia provides primary care and mental health services to the poor of the West Hill neighborhood and around the world. Dr. Bob and Leane Paeglow have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

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Kali Luecke

Kali Luecke, PA-C is a originally a farm girl from rural North Dakota. After graduating with a degree in chemistry from the University of North Dakota, she moved to inner-city Memphis, TN to do a gap year internship at Christ Community Health Services. During that year, God expanded her heart for the underserved and called her to PA school. She stayed in Memphis and attended PA school at Christian Brothers University. While in school, she had the privilege of running one of the student guest houses for Resurrection Health. She now lives with her husband, Danny, in Fargo, ND and works with the homeless population there as a family medicine PA at an FQHC.

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Wayne Detmer

Dr. Detmer serves as the Chief Clinical Officer of Operations at Lawndale Christian Health Center in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Detmer completed his undergraduate training at Yale University and medical school at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He is board certified in family medicine and licensed in the State of Illinois. He has worked at Lawndale Christian Health Center since 1999. In 2001, Dr. Detmer was promoted to Chief Clinical Officer of Operations. In this capacity, he works to improve access for patients and to ensure efficient clinic operations.

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