Kristin Martel

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Dr. Martel serves as a staff physician at Siloam Health in Nashville, TN. During her first year of medical school, Dr. Martel had several experiences where the Lord opened her eyes and moved her to want to pursue the practice of medicine in underserved communities. She was blessed to have an early elective working with Christian physicians who were living out the Gospel as they cared for the refugees and immigrants in Nashville where she experienced relational, intentional, faith based care for the poor and alien. This practice of whole person care for the poor provided passion and purpose throughout her medical school training.

She and her husband Ben have three adventurous, energetic children. They met during Internal Medicine/Pediatric residency at Vanderbilt. He now practices as a hospitalist in Nashville. They share a common passion for mentoring students and caring for those from other cultures. And love that God brought them together to practice medicine for His glory.



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